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Why does the World ignore the Syrians’ ordeal?

There is no doubt a solution-oriented active resolution period for the Syrian civil war, which has caused a humanitarian disaster, has begun. This brutal civil war, which has been going on for more than four years has had a tremendous effect especially on Syrian people, and also on its neighboring countries and the West. There is an intense diplomatic traffic within the region among many states to bring the Syrian Civil War to an end with the guarantee of Russia and Iran. Additionally, many believe that following the successful conclusion of the P5+1 Iran nuclear deal, it is a perfect time for Iran to take an active role to bring the Syrian conflict to an end in a peaceful way. Certainly, the Assad regime has reached its weakest point militarily since 2012, Assad admitting as much quite recently. To achieve this goal, Iran's FM Javad Zarif began visiting countries to drum up support for their new peace plan.

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