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Why does the World ignore the Syrians’ ordeal?

Muslims were never exposed to the level of violence and oppression we're seeing until today. Muslims around the world from Myanmar to Iraq, Libya to Syria, and China to European countries are being subjected to terrible violence and are being forced to live helplessly. Today millions of innocent Muslims cannot live in their homelands due to continued bombardments day and night, the sudden attacks by drones that silently appear in the sky, the horrible violence of radical groups, dictators not afraid of tyrannizing their own people, poverty, hunger and pain caused by bigots who have abandoned the Qur'an to instead offer an awful life for Muslims based on their superstitions. The end result is so grave that calls for help remain mostly unanswered during these violent waves of destruction against Muslim women, children and the elderly. Today, while the brutality of World War Two is the subject of documentaries, much worse and daunting images can be seen as ordinary evening news. In other words, on one hand Muslims must deal with war, cruelty and violence and on the other hand have to struggle with the world's unresponsiveness and prejudice against Islam.

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