Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 08th, 2014 There is a mafia-like structure in the majority of the Asian countries. A part of the East seems black as pitch, in utter darkness. Life in those countries corresponds to not having any trust in the police, soldiers, prosecutors or the courts. They  beat women continuously in India. They attempt to hang Muslims. There are many ravenous groups in Asia, while Europe is so radiant, elegant and elite. Turkey should begin with forming an elegant, high-quality and elite fabric and then join the European Union. Why should we lower ourselves into pitch darkness? There is a prevalence of darkness in Asia. This darkness is also prevalent in the Turkic countries. As far as I have seen, the Turkic countries are not attached to one another in terms of  Turkish origin. That does not excite them at all. There is great enthusiasm in the Islamic world in terms of an Islamic bond but there is no leader to trigger the process.  It is the spirit of Mahdi that will save the Islamic world. -         Lately there were reports of Turkey leaving NATO and joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Adnan Oktar: If that happens, there will be an unbearable atmosphere in Turkey. Turkey would be ruined in the Shanghai Five. We should in any case assume a pro-European attitude. Europeans are civilized and  rational people. There are enormous differences between the East and the West. Most of the Islamic countries live in poverty and horror. But if the greater countries support the system of Mahdi, this poverty would disappear and an environment like Paradise would manifest itself. This is what is going to happen. 

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Turkey should adopt a pro-European attitude

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